SGL/SGH GroE Range | Flooded -2V Cells -GroE Plante Type

Technical Features

Positive plates are planté type, cast from pure+ 

lead to ensure there is no fall-off in capacity    

throughout their long life    

Negative plates are of rugged pasted grid+

construction with a service life compatible with   

the positive plates   

Separators are microporous, giving maximum+

electrolyte utilisation   

Cell containers are moulded from high quality+

(transparent SAN styrene acrylonitrile)   

Vent plugs cells incorporate flame retardant +  

ceramic plugs that filter out any drops of electrolyte      

from the escaping gases preventing any errant      

spark or flame from entering the battery      

(Terminals: female threaded terminals (M10+

ensure perfect contact and a low resistance with   

the flexible cable connectors   

Post seals: high integrity post seal design to+

avoid electrolyte leakage and terminal corrosion   

Electrolyte: it consists of diluted sulphuric acid+

    with a specifi c gravity of 1.22 ± 0.01 Kg/dm3 at   


Connectors: flexible, fully insulated cable+

connectors screwed to the terminal with an   

insulated screw having a probe hole on the top   

for electrical measurement   

 :Applicable Standard

 IEC60896 Part11    

40738 DIN